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Allo Sync has transformed the closed pod vape experience with its S-compatible pod system. Allo pods offer the flexibility of usage with multiple devices such as Stlth and the Pop Hit Device. Allo Sync pods come with built-in mesh coil technology and hold 2mL of pre-filled vape liquid in each pod. The Allo Sync device has a long lasting 450mAh battery - which is the highest in class for closed pod vapes and can be charged to full capacity in just 20 minutes. This device is also compatible with all other Stlth pods which means it works with original Stlth Pods, Savage Pods, Fruitbae pods and all other Stlth and Pop Pods. With superior functionality and a wide selection of exciting flavours, Allo Sync is guaranteed to be the new go-to vape. Here you will find all Sync flavours, Sync device, and all available S-compatible pods. Enjoy the same great tasting Allo flavours now in a closed pod system.

For Allo Disposables click here. To learn more about pod systems and vape types, take a quick look at our vape guide.

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