Trending Vaping Flavours in Canada – Top 10 Flavours You Must Try

Updated: Apr 28

Canadaian vapers are obsessed with the vast collection of e-liquids available in different flavour ranges, including menthol, fruits, tobacco, and more. With e-liquids containing freebase nicotine, salt nicotine (salt nic), and hybrid nicotine along with fully customizable flavours (fruits, creams, custards, dessert, and so on), it's no surprise that vapers are always looking for the best.

Whether you're transitioning to vaping or looking for new flavours to try, here's a list to help you get your hands on the trending e-flavours.

Trending E-Flavours –Vaping Flavours You Must Try

The key to making vaping more enjoyable is finding a supply of flavorful, well-made e-liquid with the appropriate nicotine level. After all, it's the e-liquid flavour that powers your vaping experience.

Whether you have an open pod system like Vaporesso or Innokin or a closed pod device like Pop Pods, Allo Sync, STLTH Pods, or more, here are a few trending flavours in Canada that you must try.

Best Fruit Flavours – For all the Candy Lovers!

If you're looking for the best fruit e-liquids, look no further! Fruity e-liquids are popular due to their sweet, natural, and delectable flavour. Here are some of the trending ones:

1. Strawberry Passionfruit

The sweet notes of strawberry and the tart notes of passionfruit create a synergy that is sure to get you into your summer mood – utterly flavourful and reminiscent of an island sunset. By choosing the right nicotine strength, you can make your vaping pleasant, kicking those nicotine blues away. Try this Pop Disposable Vape available in Strawberry Passionfruit flavour – it's everything a vape lover could ask for!

2. Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry combines the flavour of a blue slushy with the tang of raspberries and a hint of tart blueberries to create a deliciously refreshing flavour. This e-flavour is one of the most trending flavours in Canada and is sure to please! Slightly sweet, slightly tart, and oh-so-amazing. These Allo Sync Pods are pre-filled with a Blue Raspberry flavour that won't disappoint vape lovers!

3. Tangerine Watermelon Mango

The Tangerine Watermelon Mango flavour by Pop Pods fuses three of the most popular flavours to offer a fruity burst of vapour – a flavourful throat hit that would linger for hours. Make every puff worth it while kicking those nicotine cravings away. When combined together, tangerine, watermelon, and mango deliver an unmatched trifecta of fruity bursts that will leave you craving for more.

4. Berry Mix

One of the most trending e-flavours in Canada, the Berry Mix is bursting with a blend of strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries, making every puff a perfect delight. The sweet and tart notes of the berries make it perfect for all-day vaping. Try these Berry Mix Z-Pods that offer the right nicotine hit, along with a fruity concoction of berries.

Best Menthol Flavours – For All the Menthol Connoisseurs!

Menthol-flavored e-liquids are extremely popular in Canada because they provide a warm, refreshing sensation in the mouth when vaporized. Menthol e-liquids are typically powerful with a robust menthol base combined with other flavours. Here are a few trending menthol e-flavours you need to try:

5. Honeydew Menthol

The flavour captures the deliciousness of honeydew with a blast of cooling menthol, offering the best of both worlds, i.e., fruity and menthol. Honeydew menthol is popular among transitioning smokers in Canada as well as adult smokers. Looking forward to giving it a try? These STLTH Pods are pre-filled with honeydew menthol flavour that would quench your nicotine cravings within a matter of a few puffs.

6. Prism Ice

If you love menthol and nothing else, prism ice is the flavour for you! What makes it a popular choice is the pure, unadulterated menthol flavour that makes your vaping experience pleasant. A burst of cool menthol fused with the intense notes of mint that form a prism of icy flavours. This pack of three Pop Pods, pre-filled with prism ice e-liquid, is a popular choice when it comes to choosing pure menthol goodness.

7. Chilled Blue Raz

This e-flavour is sure to blast your tastebuds with a blend of freshly picked blueberries and raspberries, along with a hint of menthol. Pop Hybrid Pods come in a pack of three, offering pre-filled pods with Chilled Blue Raz flavour – a combination of fun, fruity, and menthol!

8. Lush Ice

Lush Ice is a perfectly blended concoction of sweet candied watermelon with a hint of mentholated goodness, offering cooling that lasts longer – making every draw icy cool. Try this disposable vape by ENVI Apex, filled with Lush Iced e-flavour that provides the perfect throat hit every vaper can only dream of.

Best Tobacco Flavours – For All the Adult Smokers

Tobacco-infused e-liquids are perfect for transitioning smokers who look for tobacco hints in vaping to make the transition easy. The bold flavour of tobacco is something that every transitioning vaper carves – that's why vaping manufacturers in Canada are producing tobacco-flavoured e-liquids. Let's take a look at some of the favourites!

9. Pop Hybrid Tobacco

Looking for a smoke-a-like experience in vaping? The Pop Hybrid Tobacco flavour is just the right option for you. This e-flavour replicates the traditional smoking sensation without harmful chemicals. Get a perfect throat hit like no other with the right nicotine content and intense tobacco flavour.

10. STLTH Tobacco Blend

This medium blend tobacco flavour can surely satisfy your cigarette cravings, accommodating anyone looking to switch from traditional tobacco. The STLTH Tobacco Blend comes in a pack of three and is perfect for adult smokers who prefer tobacco flavour over fruity, menthol, or candy flavours. The STLTH pods are a popular choice among Canadian vapers, where the tobacco blend is a trending flavour.

Get Your Hands on the Trending E-Flavours in Canada Today!

When it comes to vape, the options are unlimited – from closed pod devices and open pods to e-liquids and flavours, there's a lot you can try. Pop Vapor offers a range of pods available in different flavours, including tobacco, menthol, fruity, dessert, candy, and more. Browse through our flavour collection today and get your hands on the trendiest e-flavours in Canada!

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