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STLTH vape pods are available in a wide variety of mouth-watering flavours. These pods can also be used with ALLO Sync, POP HIT and any S-Compatible device.

STLTH device is compact and convenient. STLTH's closed pod platform is Canada's most popular vape pod system. It has led to the development of the S-Compatible or STLTH-Compatible class of vapes which includes brands like ALLO and SAVAGE Pods. STLTH device is rechargeable and comes with a long-lasting 420mAh battery.

STLTH Pods come in packs of 3 with 2mL pre-filled vape liquid in each pod. STLTH provides a flavourful and satisfying 20mg hit. Scroll down to view all available pods from STLTH, POP, ALLO and other S-Compatible options from SAVAGE.

Instasmoke vape store offers flexible returns and fastest Canada-wide shipping. When you shop with Instasmoke, you can be sure you are getting the best vape for your style and if you'd like to know more, we're always here far a chat. Take advantage of our free shipping all over Canada on your orders of $50 or more and stay tuned on our socials for all current and upcoming promotions.

For more information about vapes, take a quick look at our vaping guide here.

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